World-class quality
“Made in Fukui”

With our base location in Fukui, we keep our eyes trained on the global market and participate actively in exhibitions abroad.
We maintain a high-level production system that can manufacture world-class high quality products.

exhibition embroidery city cloth

Global development from Fukui

The environment around the textile industry is changing every day.
The special technology called warp knitting has new possibilities FUKUI TATEAMI Co., Ltd. launches full-scale efforts always makes
new proposals to the global market from Fukui.

Fukui Tateami’s knitted fabrics create the following products.

Women's clothing

Lady’s clothes


Men's clothing

Men’s clothes


Inner sports clothing


Shorts,Camisole,Leggings,Underwear of sports,Swimming wear

General outfit

Ordinary outer garment

White robe,Cloth of care,Uniform,School uniform

Interior materials

Interior material

Car seat,Ceiling material,Common material

Material lining

Material・Lining material

Filter,Curtain,Lining material,Material of cloth

Sales composition