Dreams come true project

Knitting for the future

Our desire to use the knitting techniques we have cultivated over the years to create products which help saving human-life that is what led
us to try our hand at a new industry. And we succeeded in developing artificial blood vessels using silk. At present,
we are working on development of cardiac patches to repair damaged hearts. In preparation for expanding into the medical field,
we established a clean room to ensure quality and safety, and obtained the international standard certification for quality assurance for
medical equipment, ISO13485. We continue to challenge what the future may bring.

Primary project in progress

  • ・Medical textile
  • ・Heart repair patch
  • ・Artificial internal vessel
  • ・Hernia mesh
  • ・Suitable for material use
  • ・Acoustic material
  • ・Products corresponds to eco-friendly
  • ・Products for Tokyo Olympics(2020)
medical material the study Run